Anime Beginners Guide: What Do You Need To Know?

The world of anime may seem mysterious and difficult to access for someone who knows little about it. Are you curious about this exciting, imaginative, and above all fun world? Here at Animebee we will give you a quick tour through the wonderful world of animation.

What exactly is Anime?

Japan is the birthplace of anime, which is defined as a specific style/cartoon produced by Japanese animation. The anime art style is probably familiar to everyone. This brand is very distinct and has many unique characteristics. Take their large eyes, long limbs, and often wild hair for example. These characteristics help exaggerate the emotions of the characters, this is what makes anime so striking.

Most anime stories are fantasy-themed, with unique and outrageous characters. Besides the distinctive characters, they use a lot of technical tricks, like close-ups and bright colors. As you can read, there are tons of reasons why anime fans love the world of animation so much. The interesting and dramatic storylines and complex characters.

Popularity of Anime in America

The popularity of anime, obviously, started in Japan. In the 1960’s the anime TV shows and movies were exported to the rest of the world, so we could all enjoy the amazing fantasy world. Over the years many anime series and movies were found. There is a popular series of films from Studio Ghibli, which won an Oscar for the film Spirited Away.

Later on series like Pokemon and DragonBall Z became popular in the USA (and the rest of the world). Because Anime is so different from the real and logical world, America has fallen in love with it. The first anime films such as “Akira” and “Ghost in the Shell” became popular in America in the 90’s. These movies influenced (and still do) the themes and narratives of important American movies, like Avatar, Inception and The Matrix.

What Anime do you need to watch?

You’d naturally want to know which anime to watch first as a beginner. There are a lot of anime series and movies out there, so we will help you find your way around the anime maze.

What Anime do you need to watch?

You’d naturally want to know which anime to watch first as a beginner. There are a lot of anime series and movies out there, so we will help you find your way around the anime maze.

Popular Anime shows you can start with, and which you will definitely like are:

  1. One punch man
    This one is very popular and perfect for newbies. This series contains comedy and actions and has over 20 volumes.
  2. Naruto
    Everyone is probably familiar with the Ninja themed Naruto series. It has 72 volumes and is one of the best series to start with if you are unfamiliar with anime.
  3. Pokémon
    There is no doubt that you know Pokémon. Obviously, it’s one of the most famous Japanese animes. It went by the name Pocket Monsters when it first came out in Japan. New Pokémon games have new names each time they are released.
  4. Death Note
    If you are into mystery and horror, then Death Note will be your new binge-watch series. It is not only popular with the fans, but it is a high rated anime all around the world.
  5. Dragon Ball
    The series follows the adventures of the main character Son Goku as he trains in martial arts from childhood to adulthood. So if you are a fan of fight scenes and action? Then this series is perfect for you to start with.

Fun Anime facts

Fans of anime are familiar with the characters, the plots, and everything about the series. You, as a beginner in the anime world, have little to no knowledge of any of this. Therefore, in this topic, we give you the funniest facts and trivia about anime that you definitely didn’t know yet. But watch out for the possible spoiler this topic might contain.

Did you know that…

  1. The last Airbender almost happened WITHOUT Zuko!
    If you haven’t seen Avatar, you can read the next fact. But if you did, you need to know that Zuko was only added to the show at the last minute, when the creators realized the show needed more action.
  2. The longest-running anime has more than 7500 episodes.
    The anime Sazae-san has over 7500 episodes. Now you think: how is this possible? Well, every episode’s length is only 6 minutes long.
  3. If you visit Japan, you could find a Manga on the streets
    It’s very common in Japan to randomly find a Manga. If someone finishes a manga volume, they will just leave it outside for someone the find it.
  4. Death Note no longer available in China
    China banned multiple anime series, because of its strict regime about inappropriate material in anime. They banned series like Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, and as I said, Death Note.
  5. The title Haikyuu!! Was created to make volleyball more popular
    And it worked! Creator Haruichi Furudate wanted to get people to see the sport as fun and cool. This definitely happened. The number of students enrolling in volleyball clubs, really increased after Haikyuu aired.

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